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Top Tech Trends for the year 2020

So, when it comes to increasing technology and the increasing of this technological era, everything is about learning and trying something new in the technical field. Well, getting jobs and coping up with technology is getting difficult with each coming day.

Every day, there are thousands of devices, working on a new concept. And, well, all those concepts and technical trends will eventually rank you up in the technological world. So, wasting no more time, here are some top tech trends presented by Gartner Inc. that will help you get an edge in technology this year.

Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation, as the name clarifies itself, it is the combination of different uses of machine language, artificial intelligence, automation, and even packaged software to make complicated work even more comfortable.

Hyper automation
Hyper automation

Not only limiting itself as a pallet of tools, but it is also able to do various processes such as designing, analysis of data, taking measures, and even countermeasures and to reassess the situation for proper functioning. The greatest thing about this trend is the involvement of Robotic Process Automation. But well, hyper-automation is not only about RPA; it’s much more than that.

Multi experience

Technology kicks off when we mix things. Well, not limiting the function of original equipment to unique work. Instead, making it useful by adding multiple features is what real technology is about.

And well, Multi experience is all about that. In this part of tech psych, it is about adding varied expertise to the technical world. Well, pretty much, you can say if we combine Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and even Augmented Reality, we can get a perfect example of multi experience.

Democratization of Expertise

Democratization refers to making ordinary people get access to technical expertise. Well, with this trend, no technical information is being hidden or limited to access to only elites or higher people. So well, everyone can access the knowledge they would like to know about a particular point.

Democratization of Expertise
Democratization of Expertise

Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation refers to the ways to use technology in such a way to improve the abilities of a human. Well, it’s about increasing the efficiency of a human being through the use of technology. You can get this by relating it with other objects. Well, apps make a smartphone better.

You can do anything technical via any app. The same thing can be explained a little more scientifically too. Well, there are medicines which, although illegal, are known to increase human senses and other abilities. Well, considering such cases, human augmentation can be much more when we include technology.

Transparency and Traceability

These two are very much essential points when considering the use of technology in this era. Everyone is very much careful about his or her data. Organizations also recognize this increasing vulnerability for personal data. Even governments are trying it implies some rules and regulations to protect one’s personal information.

Well, Transparency and Traceability refers to a set of values, actions, and attitudes that support technology in such a way that one’s data is safer. Approaches in these two include the use of Artificial Intelligence Security methods, the use of machine learning, keeping the data safe, and even implementing a safe and secure security design to keep information safe.

The Empowered Edge

The term empowered edge refers to the case of a computing topology where information processing, content collection, and delivery are kept near to storage, consumers, sources, and even repositories. Well, this ensures a safer transaction of data and also helps in reducing the processing time and even traffic on the network. 

Distributed Cloud

As the name itself signifies, the Distributed cloud is all about distributing cloud computing servers over different locations, which is continuously monitored and maintained by the central server, which is also responsible for governing it and sent updated to it.

Well, doing this will eventually increase the popularity of cloud computing and will also decrease the traffic on the network without compromising the security of the system. 

Autonomous World

Autonomous things are devices that are made when machines combine with Artificial Intelligence. Well, the most common examples of the Autonomous world can be seen around us in the form of Robots, Drones, and machines that work on their own. This autonomous world has significant scope and can open vast possibilities for technology in the future era. 


Blockchain is one of the most common terms on the internet nowadays. It refers to a network chain comprising of blocks. Well, the most common use of blockchain comes in online transactions. The transactions in a blockchain network are made in the form of blocks.

The thing about a blockchain transaction is that it is impossible to access the data and even alter the data present on a block, making the transaction more secure. And well, where there is the talk of blockchain, comes the world of cryptography.

Artificial Intelligence in Security

Adding Artificial Intelligence to a security network can improve security by an even higher value. Well, no security design or tactic is perfect on its own. Every other day, there will be malware, virus, or a hacker that will eventually break in the system. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to prepare for the worst.

Well, this is where things such as continuous vulnerability assessments and other breaching tests come into action. Having the use of Artificial Intelligence in the security system will make the system get prepared for countermeasures in case of a security breach. Well, this not only helps in the ongoing violation but also helps in securing the network from similar problems in the future. 

Final Verdict

So, here were the top ten tech trends of the year 2020. I hope you liked them all. But if you liked one of them specially and want to know more about it, reach out to us, and we will help you become a techie of the new world.

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