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Top 15 Programming Languages to learn in 2020

One of the most important skills which are required in today’s world is to know how to write computer code using programming languages. In today’s world computer have become an important part of every industry.

Here is the list of some programming languages to be learnt in 2020

Python :- 

No doubt in today’s world python is in the scenario and it is the language which is on the top of the list of the programming languages and it is learned widely throughout the world.

The reason behind the huge usage of the python programming language is that it is easy to use, fast and easy to deploy language that is used in developing scalable web applications. Some of the common applications that are built-in python involve popular social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


  • Due to OOP characteristics, it is easy to create classes and objects in it.
  • The support of library user gets is extensible.
  • The main focus is on code readability.
  • Easy to learn and use as well.


  • Not good for mobile computing purpose.
  • The database layer is immature.

Java :-

 Java is also another language which is used widely and it is there from decades. Java is one of the most stable languages and is also used for scalable web applications. If you want to work as a developer in a large organization java is the language for you to learn.


  • Memory allocation and garbage collections are automated.
  • OOP paradigms are followed.


  • Creation of high-quality data structures is not possible due to the absence of templates.
  • Cost of memory management is high.

C/C++ :-

These languages are like a basic layer of programming languages. Most of the low-level systems are written in C/C++. To be a system-level Programmer, you must learn C/C++.

Fast and stable. STL (standard template library) is something provided by C++. STL is like a pool of libraries for the various data structure.


  • Rich function library in C++.
  • A great degree of portability is offered by C.
  • Works closer to the hardware of the system, offering low-level of abstractions in C/C++.


  • The complexity of syntax.
  • In C/C++ no dynamic allocation or garbage collection is available.

JAVAScript :-

 It is a frontend programming language. It is commonly used to design frontend applications. If you click on a button and suddenly you get a popup, all that work is done using JAVA Script.


  • Provides a richer interface to websites.
  • Versatility is high.
  • Reduces the demand by being on the client-side.


  • An equivalent method or copy is not available.
  • Only single inheritance is allowed.

GO Programming language :-

it is also known with the name Golang, this programming language is built by Google. The companies that rely on distributed systems use this language. The wide use of GO is done in Silicon Valley for doing startups.


  • The syntax is very clean, that’s why it is easy to learn.
  • Smart documentation.
  • Fast as it is Compiled to machine code.

R :- 

It is one of the commonly used languages for machine learning and analysis of data. It provides excellent support for developing powerful machine learning algorithms. It is also used for graphics as well as statistical computing.


  • Powerful package ecosystem.
  • Highly extensible.


  • Lack of security.
  • Memory management is bad.

Swift :- 

It is the language which is used to develop iOS applications. Devices based on iOS are getting popular in today’s time.

Today android is getting a tough competition by the devices of apple which are based on the iOS operating system. Thus, the use of the Swift language is growing.


  • Backed by Apple.
  • It is easy to add new features.


  • Community support is limited.

PHP :-

PHP, in the category of backend languages is most popular. In today’s time, PHP is facing a huge competition from python and javascript, still, there is a need for PHP in the market.


  • Offers first-class debugging with Xdebug.
  • Huge ecosystem and community support.


  • Error handling is an issue.
  • Security is not appreciable.

C# :- 

it is developed by Microsoft. C# is used for backend programming building windows mobile phones apps, games, etc.


  • Type safety is supported.
  • Compilation and execution are quick.


  • Flexibility is less as compared to C++.


It used in industries for data analysis and is a statistical tool. Used widely in image processing and computer vision.


  • Platform-dependent.


  • User needs to pay for using this and purchase the license.

Ruby/Ruby on Rails :- 

It is an object-oriented scripted language and is open source too, so it could be used independently as well as a part of ruby on rails framework.


  • Good code quality
  • Large community.


  • Slow
  • Lack of documentation.


It is a standard markup language and it’s main use it to create web pages. Proper formatting of text and images is possible using tags.


  • Easy to learn.
  • Is supported by every browser


  • · Only static and pages could be created in it.

SQL :- 

It is a database query language and it allows the user to add, access, manage content in the database.


  • High speed.
  • No need for coding.


  • Complicated interface.
  • Difficult to learn.

Objective-C :- 

It is an object-oriented language and is very simple. System of message passing which is borrowed from Smalltalk is used in this language.


  • You can develop iOS apps.
  • Easy to learn.


  • · You need to have a little bit of knowledge of C to learn it.

VB.NET :- 

It is a frontend designing language. The speciality of this language that is easy to understand for both new as well as advanced programmers.


  • Easy to learn.
  • Comfortable interface.


  • · Growth of language in terms of development is very less.

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