Kids on internet

Should we restrict the time spent by kids on the internet?

Internet is important. Of course, it is! For everyone indeed. From working on the internet for legal web search, it has eventually become crucial for everything around.

From paying our bills to learning a new language, everything is accessible on the internet. All the trades and businesses happening around us are so much internet-dependent. These days, we cannot imagine life without the internet. Irrespective of our gender, age and interests, it provides information and helping us a lot. 

Kids and internet
Kids and internet

But, everything must have a limit. As we all know, all things have pros and cons. Technology is so beneficial, and it all depends on use. If we start using it all the time, it going to affect our mind and physical health adversely. And, the cases can be severe for children even more. It is essential to be careful about the time spent by the kids on the internet.

Children are innocent creatures, and we must protect them. The internet is full of content that can easily attract our kids. It is full of cartoons, video games, songs, movies, etc. it is hard to say that there is a content limit. Whether the kid is of any interest, the internet has entertaining and engaging content for them. 

Our kids have become so much dependent on the internet not only for entertainment purposes but for their assignments, homework and other learning processes also. We cannot say no to them when they want to use it for educational purposes at all. 

But, protecting their health and thoughts are essential. It is more than critical to restrict the time spent by kids on the internet. Why? Why should we limit their time? It is for the welfare and works only in their favour so, without a doubt and a second thought, we must.

Several cons come if our kids spend so many hours on the internet. Let us see the basic ones.

Nothing is precious than health. Health is wealth, after all. And, kids’ health is much more critical as they are in their childhood and it is for them, just growing years. Growing years are considered crucial for their overall development. Some various studies and experiments are enough to tell us about those harmful effects on kids’ health. 

Mental issue in kids
Mental issue in kids
  • Mental issues:

What is harsher than seeing our little one in depression at such an early age? Yes, it happens. They even do not know what they are going through. It is much more difficult for them to handle mental issues.

Internet can make them introvert even if they are not by birth. Also, it can lead to destroying their mental health badly and can lead to mood swings. 

  • Physical health:

Physical health cons can have a long list. From obesity to laziness, so we must be careful about them. At such age, when kids should be so active, they become lazy, and that laziness leads to obesity. Other kinds of eating disorders can also happen. They eventually want to eat more, or in some cases, they do not want to eat at all. 

  • Sleeping disorders:

Sleep is also essential. In their developmental years, when every part is growing. Rest is equally necessary to health or better said, it contributes to kids’ health. Relaxation is a must.

Their learning capabilities grow better with good sleep. When our kids are more engaging themselves in internet usage, they may get sleeping disorders even such an early age. 

  • Addiction:

Yes, this is dangerous. As we have just discussed that the internet is full of kids’ engaging content, they can likely get an addiction. It is very harmful.

This initiates when we allow them to spend time on the internet without any restrictions. Addiction can be specific to anything. They may want to play videogames or want to watch cartoons for hours without caring about their homework or outdoor playing hours.

  • Internet security:

It is not a small issue to talk about. Internet is full of websites, and every site is not for kids. Even after using a parental control, you can keep an eye on everything as the internet is a vast thing. It is compulsory to keep your kid secure from unsuitable content for them. 

Childhood is a beautiful stage of our lives. When our kids are going through this stage, we must be there for them for guidance and help. So yes, should we should restrict the time spent by the kids on the internet. It is a good idea as we cannot completely ban the internet in them neither it is a good idea to do so. Just limit the time. 

Making some ethical rules are necessary for their betterment only. It is not about scolding or becoming harsh on them but, it is about making them permanent about good habits, learning discipline and contentment within them. 

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