Life without technology

Life without Modern Technology! Have you ever thought about it?

Technology is the need of the hour. There is no doubt that it is making our lives much more manageable, and we are dependent on it in multiple ways.

From adults to kids, we all need it. Be it a small task like school homework or a crucial business meeting, and all is done with the help of none other technology. Not only this, household tasks such as cleaning, cooking to the manufacturing of millions of products, technology is just there for us. It is not only the requirement but also a blessing. 

But, what about life without modern technology? Have you ever thought about it? We all need automation and computers, and it has contributed a lot for the ease of our lifestyle, but it has its pros and cons too, and we already know about them. 

Yes, life would be so much complicated. Even, imagining our lives without it can be a harsh thought. The whole world is dependent upon pieces of machinery nowadays. We need machines all times. But, what about those days when there was no technology at all? Could not people survive even then? 

On the other hand, life without modern technology can be soothing and healthy too. It is a little hard thing to imagine in this era. We have reached so far with tech-world along with new and discoveries and inventions. But, if you give it a thought, you can quickly think about this. Life can be more healthy and happy. 

Taking both the negative and positive aspects, let us see what can happen if there is no technology.

  • Education:

In education, if there is no technology, it would be so harsh for learners. Education has so much to do with the technological world. Today, all we need is Google.

Every solution is there in front of us with just a single click. Also, there are plenty of applications on different platforms to help you with various subjects. Teaching and learning both have become easier with master classes. It helps you in getting good grades, and without technology, all these advantages are impossible.

But, back in the times when there was nothing like this, people still graduate and succeed. Without technology, you would be able to explore more books. Learning from books is better than the best kind of experience. It makes your mind more active. Also, searching and exploring your answer would teach you many more things in its way. 

Technology in education
Technology in education
  • Business

If there is no technology, it will affect your business adversely. Today, you can do a stressful amount of work in just a few clicks, but, it is impossible without technology.

Life would be the same as the days when people had to struggle a lot. Also, there would no security provided within companies and factories. Account management would not be so easier as today.

But, with the absence of a technological world among us, more people can get employment. Today, machines are doing their work. Furthermore, emissions from these machines would not harm our beautiful earth. It would also be beneficial as it might reduce your expenses too.

  • Automobiles:

Imagine travelling for hours and still not reaching up to your destination. Isn’t it hard? That is what you have to do without technology. You would not be able to cover miles of distances within a few minutes but also with more number of people. The train and aeroplanes carry a lot of passengers. 

But, without these automobiles, you would be more able to walk, and that is quite good for your health. Indeed, walking is one of the best exercises and bikes, cars, etc. has taken over this practice. So, without technology, there would be no fuel emissions and no lousy health.

Technology in Automobiles
Technology in Automobiles
  • Media and communication:

It can be said that media, as well as communication, are the biggest pros of technology. But, if there would be no communications, no latest news would reach millions of people in seconds. It is not only about the news but about awareness too. Social media would not connect so many friends even after years.

But, what about social media addiction? It also comes with technology. If there would be no media, people would still manage to get the news and live with better levels of lifestyles and health. 

So, these are the good and bad changes that can happen if we imagine a life without modern technology. Everything has pros and cons, do did machines. We must know how to use it and handle it for our welfare. 

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