Technology in education

How Technologies Have Transformed Education Sector

Technology in the modern world has brought about a whole new evolution. Advancement in technology has changed many sectors like farming, entertainment etc. Education is also one such sector which has been dramatically evolved with technological progress.

Well as every coin has an opposite face, technological advancement is similarly a boon and a curse, both at the same time, on the human race. Nevertheless, technologies available in the education sector have proven to be a boon for the education system so far. 

Technology developed the quality of education as it made everything very easy to understand, and now the education provided to students are activity-based learning which is possible only with different kinds of technologies available.

Now the current era is about practical training based learning rather than theory or bookish teaching, so as to make the process of learning interesting for the students. The concept of read the books and give the exams has now been abandoned.

Technological advancement has brought about the concepts of e-classes, e-learning modules, smart classrooms etc. where there are sequential slides, and a student learns from visual teachings as visualisation increases the understanding of the students at a students rate of capturing the subject rises to 91%. These modules are filled with ample amounts of knowledge and are an excellent source for the student to grab the lesson quickly. 

Today’s young generation is getting very active, and they even know how to use the technologies from a very young age. You can easily find a two-year-old kid playing youtube or games on their parent’s mobile.

Not only the process of teaching but also the process of evaluation has been technologically evolved. There are online tests, where you answer the exams by your laptop or desktop.

         The major part was played by the introduction of the internet and our own Google. Anyone who wants to get knowledge about anything in the world can type the question in google and get the answer right on their fingertips within a fraction of seconds. Videos, pictures and information are available in vast numbers on the internet

 Technology gives students a chance to keep their point of view in front of the world. It also helps to get information about the exams or competition going around us on the national or the international level along with providing question banks.

Students no longer have to go through the trouble of reading all bulky books and finding question papers of previous years. Now, it’s quite easy for the students to be updated about general awareness of not only national but international level. It also is ecological as it saves uses of paper as books can be read on the phone, lappy, tablet etc.

It reduces the work of teachers, as teachers also search for new and exciting techniques of teaching methods online so that the student gets involved in the learning process. It also helps to reduce the paperwork and burden on teachers with the introduction of e-evaluation methods. It makes the process of evaluation faster too.

Now students don’t have to wait for days to get their marks. Even it makes the system transparent as the students can view their answer sheets online. Attendance too, is monitored by the biometric system, which binds both the student and teacher to be punctual and shows the points of punctuality of a student. Technology is also beneficial for the advertisement of the schools which promotes the school in social media, networking sites etc. 

 The concept of tuition too has been taken over by smart classrooms and modules where the doubts can be cleared instantly with 24X7 support services, and the student no longer has to wait for the next day’s class to get his doubts cleared up nor has to walk for extra miles to get better clarity of education.

The student can sit right in their rooms and gain knowledge with comfort. These are available in all languages and are self-paced, which ensures the student completes the course with ease and better understanding.

Technology is a boon but can be a bane if in wrong hands or misused by the students.  The education sector has grown rapidly with the advancement of technology. The quality of education has raised along with the level of understanding of the student. Thus the transformation of the education system has made the students smarter and sharper.

This transformation in the education sector will take the country to a very high level. Education is the backbone of a developing nation. So the stronger and advanced our education system is, the more developed we are.

Be it any stream Arts, Science, commerce, be it any age group education can be gained with ease and clarity only thanks to technological advancement. Technology is a vital book needed for human beings.

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