Technology and relationship

How Is Technology Transforming Our Relationships

Technology is having a significant impact on every part of our lives. And why not, it has made our lives so much easier and fast like never before. Though its something man has created with his intelligence, there is nothing we can do without the help of Technology in any sector.

What about the essential part of our lives; Relationships? It is complicated to understand whether Technology is a curse or a blessing for our relationships. 

Everything has its pros and cons, no matter how beneficial it is to us. There can be nothing much better, rather than having a video call with your spouse living abroad who can meet only once in a year. That’s only possible because of Technology! 

Everyone is busy creating hashtag goals on Instagram and Facebook. We can hardly find anyone who knows not about social media platforms. Well, we all know Technology Transforming Our Relationships lets see how:

  • Making New Friends

Making new friends and getting in touch with new people was never so easy. Yes, you can meet the right one you were waiting for so long on social media platforms or dating apps. But unfortunately, we are getting closer to people who are far away from us, ignoring those who are sitting right beside us. 

We don’t know what real and quality conversation with our loved ones is. We are much interested in emoticons rather than that pure smile. We have replaced the human affection and dialogues with chats and video calls.

Everyone is so fascinated with a so-called happy life on Facebook, ignoring all the hollowness deep inside. And most important, how can we forget about cyber crimes! Suddenly a stranger after a few sweet conversations becomes trusted worthy, and people start sharing all the private information that makes cyber crimes so easy.  

Though social media and the internet have made making friends very easy, you can make friends from any part of the world sitting at home. Getting in touch with people is very easy with Technology. Just in a few swipes, you can connect with a friend sitting far from you. 

  • Openness and Awareness

Any event or any accident or any abuse spreads like a virus on the social media platforms. It has promoted transparency and positive social activities. People stand up to various forms of maltreatment and hypocrisy with the help of the internet. 

  • The Word Game

Even if you are not tired of typing long words, you will use abbreviations as they have become so frequent like LOL, BFF, ASAP, and many more! This may not make sense to the old generation. They may find it some foreign language, but that’s a trend now. Now and then, new abbreviations are hitting the market.

  • Misunderstandings  

Technology has made us available for the people far from us so you can stay connected with your spouse or a child when he is busy in the office. Or you can be in touch with people regardless of geographical locations. But that’s sad when we start assuming our importance in others’ lives with the speed of their replies.

We tend to think things on our own, and this affects our relations so much. It creates lots of misunderstandings and conflicts between everyone. 

  • Work

Another positive side of Technology is you can work from home when you are ill or its snowing out you can stay at home and work.

  • Balance 

It has become imperative to create a balance between social and personal life. People nowadays are pressurizing themselves to live a so-called happy or perfect life!

By posting pictures of each and everything they eat or when they visit any place or do anything new. It is not vital to post everything or be socially available with every single thing going in your life. We forget to live in the moment; we forget to cherish the present! 

We come across the new cars or new places people are traveling or expensive things they are buying while scrolling through our timelines, which makes us ungrateful for the things we already have.

We wish to get what others are getting, and we want to be treated like others are getting treated by their loved ones; this leads to conflicts in our relationships. 

It’s essential to know that there is a lot of difference between what people show on social media and what is actually there life and relations all about. If we keep affecting ourselves with every single thing we find on the internet, then we will never live in peace, and this urge of more has no limits! 

Yes, Technology is transforming our relations from all the sides. It can be a blessing to improve your relationships, but it’s all about how you use it and to what extent you affect your life with it! 

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