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Has Social Media Made Your World Bigger? Or Smaller?

  • Socializing

Social Media, the name itself signifies it as a type of media which helps in socializing. A place where people can join, talk, discuss, share things, and have more fun. This improves the social lives of people as they will be able to meet new people, learn more things about different cultures and regions, and what more.

Eventually, they will have new friends. Having a bigger friend circle of great people helps excellently in every point of life.

But well, the most significant side effect this life goes to the side of introverts. Having an experience full of internet life where you can meet people makes people more introvert. They eventually lose interest in interacting with people, failing in social life, and a life outside the internet.


It all started when Mark Zuckerberg launched NOT Facebook, but Facemash. Well, for the people of his college, it was helpful and pretty interesting.

But this was not it; it was the start of a significant era. And then finally came ‘The Facebook,’ later to be known as ‘Facebook.’ Well, the era continued with some more amazing social media sites such as Twitter, My Space, and many others.

Social Media has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Well, not just having fun with friends, it also became a top-rated source of knowledge. So, here we are, talking a little about social media and its impact on human life.

  • Social Media in Communication

Social Media is an excellent platform for communication. You can communicate with people living far away from you. You will also be able to catch up to people whom you don’t even know and haven’t yet met.

Social Media is also an excellent platform for news and information. In this era, other than the morning newspaper, if you spent the same time on an excellent social media platform, you will be able to get hold of everything that is happening around you.

Social Media in Communication
Social Media in Communication

And what more, the news that is important and isn’t displayed in your daily newspaper because of some minor regional problems can also be accessed easily.

Furthermore, social media is an excellent platform for expressing yourself. You can easily show your views on a particular topic and get support. Nowadays, social media has become a great platform to promote your business too.

Most of the people buy a product by deciding the quality based on reviews of other people on some post. This can create sound effects on the reputation of a company, but in the same way, it can lead to the fall of an organization too. Just one bad news, a little spice and some posts can ruin a thing’s reputation.

  • Social Media in Various Forms

The first things that come in mind while thinking about social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other such platforms. But one should not forget that Social Media is not limited to this.

Platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and even other such streaming platforms are also a part of social media. What more, the knowledge you can get from people using YouTube can even rival the one that you get in your schools. You can learn a lot and challenge many things using the power of Social Media.

But not just this, the most significant advantage of this form of social media is that one can earn money by only presenting his knowledge to others. All you have to do is find your strength. Well, it can be anything.

You can be good at teaching something; you can be good at cooking, can be a great artist, fashion designer, you can be excellent at drawing and not just this, even if you are good at using a computer and playing a lot of games, you can show it to the world too.

Just make sure that you find the right platform for it. Well, currently, YouTube is the biggest platform in terms of marketing and social media, but there are other platforms of specialized fields too. Well, if you are good at gaming, you can use Twitch; if you are good at art, you can use Pinterest and many others.

Final Verdict

Social Media has loads of advantages. But like the other side of the coin, there are disadvantages too. And well, the biggest divagate of social Media is that even though you will be able to meet new people on this platform, there is also a chance that you will end up shutting yourself from the world, only living in a world of media and internet.

Well, one should capture moments and share them with others, but there is no loss but the only an advantage in living in the moment forgetting every other thing in the world. So, why not live in the world and have even more fun.

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