New technology

Evolution of man by using new technologies

Imagine how you would be reading this article in the first place without the help of technology. But due to technology, we can reach every nook and corner of this world with just one click. Hence technology is a tool which helps humans. This era which is the 21st century is being referred to as the era of science and technology and we have advanced so much.

It’s been centuries, and humans still keep evolving. One of the significant reasons for the involvement of humans is technology. In a way, technology shapes a man. The first form of man learned to live by hunting, and hence they were hunters then as they used their brain and put it into action, they started inventing and discovering things.

Putting those inventions and discoveries into use, the man started evolving. We can say that technology helps us to live a better life.

Due to the development of technology and the mind-blowing inventions at a rapid rate, we as humans can enjoy them in the form of a better environment, easy access to things, better luxuries you name it. Technology changes the way we think; we live, we work. Technology makes our life easy, but that does not mean we should misuse it.

The technology changed a man’s life. It affects our everyday life. Technology has made our lives easier, better, faster and more fun. Now in this generation, anything and everything is available on your fingertips and is just a click away.

Although all the new technologies have made our lives easier, it also makes man lazy, which results in problems in health, lifestyle and more as everything is done using technology. Technology helps in improving the quality of life of people.

Though technologies have negative effects on us humans, we still can’t eradicate it because firstly it is built to help make our lives easier and improve the quality of our lives. Modern technologies help with communicating with people from across the world, order anything online from medicines to clothes and shoes and deliver within a few days. 

In this developing world, we need technology to survive. We would have never imagined how technology would change our lives in a few years.

From going to a place to meet your friends or going to a mall to buy clothes to just a video call or online shopping, technology has developed. But this development in technology can be a bad thing as well a good thing. It depends on how you utilise these inventions and technology.

A few advantages of technology and why we need it in our life is discussed below

  • Technology gives us easy access to information. It connects you to the outside world and gives you access to any data. The internet is just a click away. It gives out the best and most reliable information, and it is made accessible to gather the data off the internet.
  • It saves time. Technology thus helps in saving a lot of time. For example- GPS when we move to a new place or want to go to a new place we can always rely on GPS. Earlier we were not able to do that because it wasn’t invented earlier. But now we can always rely on GPS to take us to new places.
  • It gives us ease of mobility. We cannot imagine our life without a mode of transport in this world. Due to technology, we can travel to various places not by foot but by multiple modes of transportation like airplanes, trains, buses and more.

Technology has many more advantages. But these are the best three advantages technology has gifted us with.

Let’s look at a few of the disadvantages of technology

  • Some of the inventions are necessary and needed. But due to the invention of some technologies, humans tend to become lazy and effortless. It shows how much humans are depended on technology. For example- due to the inventions of calculators, humans don’t use their brains to calculate but use calculators instead.
  • Humans spend way too much time on the new inventions like smartphones, laptops and more. It leads to no contact of them with people in the real world and all forms of communications happen online, which leads to them not knowing how to handle real-life problems.
  • Some inventions like cars, busses and more can harm the environment due to the hazardous substances it releases in the air. Nuclear bombs are also another dangerous invention which is harmful to the environment.

Technology has its advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on us how we use it. Technology has reformed man and changed him along with better standards and living. It is up to us humans whether we misuse the technology invented by us or use it to the best of our capability for our needs. Technology is a gift which is made and invented by humans just for humans.

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