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10 Long term effects of living in a Technological World- Negative or Positive!

Living in the technological world seems like a racing car which is running faster and faster only. Yes, technology has improved our lifestyles. It boosts our day-to-day activities. And, we have entirely relied upon its various services.

We need machines for or household tasks, we need the latest systems for our trades and businesses and so on. In short, life cannot run without it. 

Talking about the effects of living in a technological world seems to be more harmful as compared to positive. If we see in the detailed view, technology is so beneficial to us as well as has adverse effects with the long term use. Of course, the technical world serves you, but that can be only temporary, but the negative effects of living in a technological world can be permanent. 

Let us see how.

These effects are long-term as they tend to change your habits and health status.

  • It makes you dependent:

Yes, it does. You can analyze it by yourself how the calculator has made us lazy. Students these days just do not want to calculate at all. They just want all the answers with a click. This not only reduces their mental math ability. 

It makes you dependent:
It makes you dependent
  • It makes you lazy:

Today, you can wash clothes using washing machines, cook on induction stoves, travel in bullet trains, etc. In short, you are doing your tasks but without much effort. It is just pushing buttons and doing clicks. You are becoming lazy.

  • Addiction

You must have heard a lot about addiction. It can be an addiction to video games or social media correctly. There is so much variety that has no limit, and every person can find their areas of interest easily. This makes you addict for your favourite content. 

  • Sleeping Disorders

Rest and good sleep are a must in any stage of your life. It is essential to relax appropriately to perform better in your life in various fields. It has become a habit of everyone to use mobile just before sleep. This little lousy habit has harmed you critically. Multiple kinds of sleeping disorders may happen to you.

Sleeping Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
  • Obesity

Being an overweight person affect many of the things in your life. You become lazy. You become prone to several other diseases. Eating disorders are so bad for anybody’s health. Even a person can experience a heart stroke too. Isn’t it sound horrific? Yes, it does. So, it is always recommended to not just sit in front of your device. Try to make constant movements. 

  • Mental issues

Mental health is just as necessary as your physical health and technology are affecting it too. Your whole system is getting controlled by your brain. You may feel depression and anxiety after using your mobile or sitting on your PC excessively. Apart from that, you can also suffer from other behavioural issues and distractions. 

  • Eyes

The world is beautiful, as you see. Eyes are definitely one of the greatest gifts from nature, and we must take care of them. Being in front of a digital screen, be it of any type, is affecting your eyesight harshly. Many of the teens and workaholics have got spectacles. Try to use only for essential tasks and give your eyes the right amount rest.

 Eyes irritation
Eyes irritation
  • Privacy

Privacy must be respected, but not everyone believes in ethics. Your privacy can be at risk if you step into digital trouble. Hackers are there to invade your accounts. You must always use the internet carefully as it is all up to you how you use it. 

  • Kids

Kids are innocent, and they do not even know what they are doing most of the times. They are in their growing years and technology attracts them a lot. But, it affects them even more than it affects us. Their overall physical and mental growth can adversely be affected and make them prone to severe diseases at such an early age. 

  • Social Isolation

Being subjected to technology harms us socially too. Yes, many people do not want to talk and just being on their device while sitting in gatherings also. This is just not a one person’s issue; in fact, we all are doing it. We wish to be in our digital world. 

Technology is indeed a blessing but can be a curse too. It all depends on you. You should know when and how to use it. Try to minimize its overuse. Make yourself more active in the real world.

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